MapServer OGC Web Services Workshop



Interoperability is increasingly becoming a focus point for organizations that distribute and share data over the Internet. The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) focuses on the development of publicly available geospatial web standards. MapServer supports numerous OGC specifications, allowing users to publish their data services in an interoperable manner. This workshop will review the OGC specifications supported in MapServer as well as provide information on implementation options and issues, as well as what the future holds for OGC support in MapServer


Hands-on Session

1./ Basic MapServer

2./ Projection Setup

3./ Setting up OGC parameters in mapfile

4./ Publishing OGC:WMS

5./ Publishing OGC:WMS with OGC:SLD

6./ Using OGC:SLD via MapScript

7./ Publishing OGC:WFS

8./ Publishing OGC:WCS

9./ Publishing OGC:SOS

10./ Consuming OGC:WMS

11./ Consuming OGC:WFS

12./ Consuming OGC:GML

13./ Consuming OGC:WMC

14./ Consuming Remote Web Services

15./ Mapscript OWS Services


1./ Publishing OGC:WMS

2./ Consuming OGC:WMS

3./ Consuming OGC:WFS with Filters

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